Coffee or Die with Black Rifle Coffee Company

Coffee or Die with Black Rifle Coffee Company

Like a full-fledged firestorm assault on watered-down and sugar-filled drinks that claim to be derived from coffee, the Black Rifle Coffee Company takes no prisoners with their caffeinated offerings. Their unapologetically pro-gun, PC-killing, explosion-filled video campaigns have caught fire on the net. Backed by small-batch roasted, premium coffee, Black Rifle Coffee is checking the sensitivity movement at the door and pouring piping hot cups of veteran-owned Freedom Fuel that showcases the perfect balance of brash caffeinated punch and smooth finish.


“I started Black Rifle Coffee Company to provide a high-quality, roast-to-order coffee to the pro-2A and veteran communities.  Between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I worked to refine both my coffee roasting skills and my firearms skills.  I have spent over a decade researching coffee, refining my roast profiles and (of course) drinking what I roast.  Black Rifle Coffee is quite literally the combination of my two favorite passions.  I take pride in the coffee we roast, the veterans we employ and the causes we support.” ~ Evan Hafer

Black Rifle Coffee Company pulls no punches and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. Driven by both a passion for coffee and patriotism, Evan Hafer has created a bold statement in the coffee community. Their voice has ignited a culture that is growing around the brand and with premium coffee blends like the Silencer Smooth, Blackbeard’s Delight, and Inert Decaf, there’s good reason.

Heralding the motto Coffee or Die and boldly waving a flag emblazened with the words: Veteran Owned, Evan and his band of vets are taking no prisoners with their Youtube videos, social media assault, and fire-powered attack on the feelings of weak coffee drinkers everywhere. While their political views and proud character might rub some people the wrong way, it’s presented as a way to bind not divide. The Black Rifle Coffee crew are proud Americans who have served their country, making sacrifices few will ever know, and now they bring that same dedication to coffee.

But aside from the kick-ass attitude and the deep-rooted love for flag-waving freedom, Evan has created a spot for veterans to tell their story and find a support network. Working with partners like Warrior’s Heart, Leadsligher’s Whiskey, and the veteran-owned Article 15 Clothing, it’s at the heart of a growing need for our returning men and women to identify with care and comfort.

“Founded on the principles which made this nation great, we strive to emancipate the conservative American from corporate coffee.”

“More than a product and more than a company, we are a culture.  A culture full of motivated men and women who roll up their sleeves and get the job done.  Join us as we take action on a commitment to the Veteran community and those who support it.” ~ Evan Hafer



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