To Satisfy a Popular Craving: Zevia Zero Calorie Soda

zevia edit 1Let’s be honest. Most people love soda. From the unmistakable pop of the can being opened to that carbonated-induced fizzle, the marketing minds in the media have been advertising soda since well before any of us were even a glimmer in our parents’ eyes. It’s convenient, affordable and refreshingly delicious. As a child, the idea of an ice cold can of your favorite soft drink on a hot summer day could be identified as the treat to end all treats. There was a time when it seemed as though nothing could possibly destroy this tiny piece of nostalgic heaven. And then… You grew up and everything changed.

You saw a side to soft drinks that you hadn’t seen before. They were quickly receiving a shameful reputation. Health advocates adamantly spoke out against soda and its nutritional void. As much as you tried to tell yourself otherwise, you felt a pang in your heart. Perhaps these defenders of nutrition were right. As you held your last soft drink can in your hand, you sighed. You knew then that your days of drinking soda were numbered, or at least limited to cheat day. RIP soda.

And yet, you still miss soda. How do you move on from something that was so addictive, so irreplaceable? There’s good news here, my friends. Enter the protagonist: Zeviazevia edit 5

The creators of Zevia felt your sadness from their beverage-making headquarters. They heard your tearful moans and sympathized with your soda-less agony. They knew something had to be done. What if consumers could drink soda again and not feel guilty about doing so? What if the public could have the same convenience, affordability and taste that soft drinks provide, while at the same time containing zero calories and zero fat? What if people could still enjoy their beloved soft drink flavors while not compromising on their health? But wait a minute, you say to yourself, that sounds an awful lot like diet soda, which has an even worse notoriety than regular soda! Rest assured, dear readers. Zevia might sound like a diet soda, but it’s far from it.

zevia edit 4While other leading diet soda labels are comprised of harmful properties such as artificial ingredients, faux sweeteners and fake coloring, Zevia does not. Instead, Zevia contains carbonated water, natural flavors (like monk fruit extract) and a magic little thing called stevia. Stevia is a plant-based food that’s native to New Mexico, Arizona and Texas and has no effect on blood sugar levels. zevia edit 3

Worried about GMO? Zevia proudly promotes their claim of being non-GMO Project Verified. Their products are also Kosher as well as vegan and gluten-free. Unlike the big brands, Zevia actually listens to their fan base. When the people demanded no caramel coloring, Zevia nixed the caramel coloring.

Zevia provides consumers with honest flavors such as black cherry, ginger root beer and cola. The black cherry, for example, provides the drinker with a luscious, velvety, fruity sweetness that bubbles and fizzles its way into your heart and pantry alike. With the complete scarcity of artificial coloring, the drink is clear in its appearance.

This all sounds like some sort of miracle, right? Yes. Yes, it does. There’s no shenanigans happening here, however. Zevia is as it appears. It combines a guilt-free conscience with an enjoyably delightful beverage that will have you wanting more. Follow Zevia on their Facebook or Twitter to keep yourself up-to-date on all of their news.

zevia edit 2You can find Zevia at any major retailer in the U.S. and Canada at stores including, but certainly not limited to, Whole Foods and Safeway. You can also purchase Zevia products online. Buy here!

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