Have a Smoke with the Dram No. 3

It’s been said that the best things come in pairs, it might not always be true, but in this case, it most certainly is. Like a proficient wing-man, dedicated sidekick or best friend who always know just what to say, Dram Cigars Cask no. 3 plays the perfect foil to a rich, smoky Scotch, and as you enjoy the two together the whisky most certainly pays the favor back.

Dram Cigars was born from the brain of C & C Cigars. In a tale as old as a time, a smoke as smooth as this rhyme, the two partners come together like two destined puzzle pieces. The #3 from Dram is designed to highlight the nuances of a smoky style of scotch, and at the same time let the golden liquid work its magic to showcase the layered flavor profile of the cigar. Although there are four very different styles of Dram Cigars (# 1-4), we’re here to focus on the smoky bad boy that plays nicely with other smoky style friends.

What’s Inside:

  • Dram Cigars Cask no. 3 ReviewWrapper: Habano, Nicaraguan, Oscuro
  • Filler: Proprietary
  • Binder: Habano, Nicaraguan
Dram Cigars Cask no. 3 Review Breakdown


The spicy Habano wrapper and binder are mellowed out by the proprietary filler. Hiding behind the mysterious and ambiguous label of “proprietary” the filler brings a beautiful balance and a wonderful depth of flavor to the smoke. No matter what the actual composition of the proprietary filler is, it’s damn good.

Dram Cigars Cask no. 3 Review


Surprisingly light and airy, Dram #3 continues to show a great sense of balance throughout the entire experience. The light draw allows the subtle flavors and nuances to shine through past the spicy Habano wrapper. The amount of air that is let through the cigar makes for a cool smoke that while highlighting the robust flavors of the cigar, allows for the paired whisky to share the spotlight.


One of the true measures of a great cigar is how little you have to pay attention to any apparent flaws, and to put it simply; the Dram was stress-free and tasty. With the burn even and consistent, the Dram no. 3 lets you simply enjoy the smoke without having to correct or adjust the burn levels.Dram Cigars Cask no. 3 Review


Prelit :

  • Leather
  • Burnt ToffeeDram Cigars Cask no. 3 Review
  • Earth


  • Toasted Nuts
  • Burnt Chocolate
  • Roasted Coffee


Smoky and sweet, Dram Cask no. 3 is laden with robust coffee and roasted hazelnuts. The easy draw and consistent burn set the foundation for the full flavor profile to shine through. The rich flavors weave wonderfully with the peaty scotch. Testing the claims of how the Dram Cask no. 3 paired with a smoky scotch, I brought out the King of Peat: Laphroaig Ten. To my palate’s delight, the two played well together and even more surprising was the different aspects of the peaty whisky the cigar brought out. Notes of citrus, honey and caramel surfaced where usually the profile is dominated by campfire and peat. Cigar pairing is not a science if you have a perfect pairing for this stogie let us know in the comments below.

Dram Cigars Cask no. 3 Review


Like dinner and a movie, cigars and whisky are meant to be paired together and with climbing prices at the theater, you’d be better off staying at home and doubling down on your drams. For around $10.00 a stick you won’t find a better pairing for your single malt, blended, or over-ice whisky. Even though Cask no. 3 is designed to be enjoyed with a smoky, Islay-style Scotch, pairing it with something a little sweeter will make for a tasty treat.

Buy Now: $45 (5-pack) or to learn more, go to: DramCigars.com

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