Rebellion in Oh So Many Ways

Humanity is a culture of Rebellion. From unfair taxation to spiritual oppression, mankind can only take so much before the breaking point tips, the levee breaks, and the streets are flooded with revolution. This fighting spirit, and unwillingness to lay down to injustice is where RoMaCraftTobac has drawn their inspiration for their newest line, Intemperance, Whiskey Rebellion. With rebellion coursing through our veins and trace amounts of whiskey from the night before, we can appreciate how the roots of the cigar embody human nature in oh so many ways. So when our friends at Famous Smoke reached out about this Nicaraguan beauty, we couldn’t have been happier. 

“Intemperance is our first cigar release under the newly formed RoMa Craft Tobac company. Produced in our Esteli, Nicaragua factory (Fabrica de Tobacco NicaSueno), Intemperance is presented in two capa varietals and four vitolas.” ~ RoMa Craft Tobac

As Memorial Day approaches, I thought it fitting to pair the cigar that is an homage to our fighting spirit, with a spirit dedicated to our fighters. 4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey makes sure that the sacrifice our soldiers have paid continues to be celebrated, appreciated, and remembered.

4 Spirits Bourbon Whiskey is a hand-selected bourbon from Indiana. Once it’s brought here to Oregon where it continues to age in our unique Northwest climate, we put it through a series of top secret steps to redefine and improve upon its flavor without disqualifying it as a bourbon. It’s designed to be smooth and subtle, palatable for any whiskey drinker or first timer. The bold flavors of vanilla, caramel, and spice give it that perfect combination of rich flavor and smoothness.”

This pairing might be slightly seasonal with the upcoming holiday, but lighting up a stick that recalls the fight for our right to enjoy a good stiff drink, and a spirit that connects us to those who continue to pay the price for freedom is a mingling I can enjoy regardless of the season. 

The Intemperance’s smooth and long draw is overlaid with rich dark leather and slightly bitter chocolate. Add in a few subtle nuances of freshly brewed coffee and a touch of black pepper and you have a well-balanced stick. Through the smoke, the crisp white ash held tightly through every puff. With tobacco hailing from Nicaragua and an Ecuadorian wrapper to keep it all together, this is a smoke that hugs the line between medium and full-bodied, and a definite palate-pleaser.

What’s Inside

  • Strength: Full
  • Shape: Belicoso
  • Size: 5 1/2 x 54
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Color: Natural
  • Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian
  • Wrapper Leaf: Habano


As the stick burned and I sipped the smooth bourbon whiskey, I couldn’t help but think of the sacrifices that have been paid for me to have the freedom to sit and simply smoke a cigar. Putting politics and differences aside, the communion of sharing fire and a drink bridges the gaps with a relationship.

Light up, drink up, and enjoy the fruits of rebellion.

“In addition to its amazing quality, at 4 Spirits Distillery, we are very passionate about giving back to our community and local veteran services in Oregon and other states where we are sold. What became a mission a long time ago has slowly become a reality with the release of our bourbon whiskey, with a portion of our proceeds going to help veterans of foreign wars and their families. Within our first year of release, a minimum of 10% of the proceeds have been donated to various veteran charities around the state of Oregon, especially those that assist with reintegration services. As a new distillery, we are very proud to be giving back after one year in business and we plan to contribute an increasing percentage as we grow our brand. As of 2014, 4 Spirits Whiskey is now being distributed in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. As with Oregon, at least 10% of the proceeds will be donated to veteran programs throughout these new states.”

Grab your Intemperance, Whiskey Rebellion from RoMa Craft Tobac right here for about $7 a stick.

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