RawSpiceBar: The Gift That Keeps Giving

IMG_7333As foodies and culinary innovators gain ground on the mundane monotony of bland palates and routine dining, the weapons needed are few and sometimes hard to find. RawSpiceBar has created a way for you and your gastro-fluent friends to gain access to the freshest, seductively exotic, and decadent spices available.

Featuring spices from around the world, that bring the tastes of travel to your kitchen, RawSpiceBar is revolutionizing the kitchen cabinet. Somehow, some way, RawSpiceBar has figured out how to bring you regional flavors that are essential to cultures around the world for a measly $6.00 a month.

One large brown envelope arrives once a month, containing three smaller packets, and with them a well-written, and easy to follow IMG_7334
pamphlet, filled with recipes, suggestions, and a quick tid bit of information about your newly acquired spices. These kitchen-tested recipes come courtesy of collaborating chefs and food gurus like Vishwa Mohan, from Bin 941Freddie Bitsoie, of FJBits Concepts, and the heralded ice-cream queen Lindsay Clenandiel, from Scoop Adventures.

Each packet is designed to spice up a dish that serves about 4-6 people. Ground and created just days before shipping, these spice packets are fresher than anything you’ll find at the store. In most cases, these packets are designed to evoke seasonal flavors from a wide array of destinations, highlighting traditional dishes as well as brand new fusion plates.

With reviews like:

“At $6 a month, it’s cheaper than Netflix and allows me to try new flavor profiles in the kitchen. This is big.”

IMG_7336RawSpiceBar is an easy little luxury. I just love getting the unique spice blends that I could never create on my own.”

“The recipes are excellent and don’t call for any tough to find ingredients, and I love that the blog offers additional suggestions.”

You’ll have a hard time finding a better gift for yourself, or for that special foodie in your life that offers more for less. RawSpiceBar’s detailed Recipes Blog is chalk full of ideas, creative innovative ways to coax out subtle nuances, and layered profiles, it’ll be fun and easy to experiment with tastes that might not be common in your daily life.

IMG_7337One of the best things about RawSpiceBar is how it takes global flavors, that for most of us, might be completely off the map, and showcases how to use them easily. Expanding the depth of the general public’s culinary know-how only helps us to appreciate different aspects and traditions of a multitude of cultures spanning the globe.

Whether your knife skills challenge Gordon Ramsay, or if your capabilities don’t reach beyond Hot Ham Water, you’ll be able to find an appreciation for the true gift of love that goes into showcasing staple flavors from around the world.

At $6.00 a month, RawSpiceBar puts the flavors of the world at your fingertips.

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