Lift For The 22 this Memorial Day

Last year I had the pleasure of crawling through the mud, jumping over logs, and trying my best to not make a fool out myself in front of my wife at the Portland Terrain Run. While we were walking through the small encampment of vendors and other runners dressed in outrageous costumes (we went as Floyd and Harry), we came across Lift For the 22. This organization was founded to help returning Veterans find an outlet for their depression, angst, and daily difficulties by providing gym memberships and support.


“In March of 2015 Lift For The 22 began as a hashtag social media movement designed to encourage service members to connect and support one another in gym’s all over the nation. Specifically, the program addresses the broken transitional system and aims to limit veteran struggles thereby limiting veteran suicides. After being contacted by a local gym owner, the Lift For The 22 movement became more than a hashtag, but rather a movement to provide veterans with one-year gym memberships across the country. On July 23rd 2015 Lift For The 22 provided the first 3 veterans of the program with one-year gym memberships at Workout Anytime in Beaverton Oregon. Since July 2015, over 300 Veterans have now received one-year gym memberships in a growing movement to end veteran suicide through transitional support. The Lift For The 22 program is all about having an outlet, building yourself up, and then being connected with a peer-to-peer support network of veterans who assist one another in the transition from military service.” 

Carter Davis, Dennis Cory Wright II, Wade Luethi, and the rest of the crew have touched countless lives, and have provided memberships and relief for those going through an unimaginable transition. In one way or another, we have all be touched by the tragedy of war, and putting politics aside, these brave men and women have sacrificed beyond measure.

“With your support via donations, and clothing sales we can continue providing veterans with gym memberships all over the nation. Lift For The 22 is a 501c3 non-profit organization that can provide you with an eligible tax write-off for your donation. Without your support, the military community will continue to return home to a broken and difficult to navigate the transitional system. Please donate today and consider becoming a monthly contributor to our mission so that we can save veteran lives one gym membership at a time.”

Take a minute today, tomorrow, or right now and check out this innovative and dynamic organization and throw some support their way. Whether the cause hits close to home, or you’re one of the brave who could use a little support, Lift for the 22 offers a helping hand, an understanding ear, and a universally-relatable way to relieve stress and create positive energy.





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