Get Riveted with the Riveter

As the temperatures start to climb, refreshing cocktails take center stage. But the only problem is that most of the time the sugar content goes through the roof, and you wind up drinking a dessert rather than sipping a much-needed libation. So when Happy Hour comes calling for an easy, thirst-questing cocktail, we’ve got you covered. Eastside Distilling’s Marionberry Whiskey lays the foundation for the heat-beating Riveter.


Delicious, simple, and served ice-cold, this cocktail perfects these three elements that makes a party drink a hit. This two-step drink is ideal for quick service for your next party. A little Lemonade, a little Marionberry Whiskey, and some ice, and you have a party in a glass. While Marionberries might not be at the local farmer’s market in other parts of the world, in the Pacific Northwest they grow in truckloads. So get your shaker ready, chill your glasses and drink your daily serving of fruit the best way possible.


Making The Riveter

2 oz. Marionberry Whiskey
3 oz. Lemonade


Shake for a second or two, or simply stir if you’re serving multiples.




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