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In the ever-growing industry of energy drinks, it has become more and more difficult to decide on which beverage suits each individual. The choices appear endless; every drink promising the potential buyer something seemingly different. This one will boost your metabolism, that one will uplift your mood. While some need the extra dose of caffeine, others prefer an alternative that will both assist in the stimulation of energy, while at the same time not shocking the system into energy overdrive. And of course, the healthy and dietary factors weigh in heavily. It can all be quite confusing.

Sambazon Low Calorie Amazon Energy Drink is made with completely organic ingredients such as Yerba Mate, Green Tea, açaí berry and acerola cherry. While the label of “low calorie” might cause some to grimace in wary expectation, the taste is surprisingly rich with a balanced flavor and a pleasurable overall drinking experience.

Sambazon packs the healthy power of antioxidants with bold and tantalizing flavors into a refreshingly light and deliciously crisp drink. With only about fifty calories per can, the drinker can safely assume a guilt-free conscience.

Let’s take a closer look:

Inside the nutritional facts table, you will be met with a sigh of relief. Not only is Sambazon Low Calorie Amazon Energy Drink not a significant source of fat, cholesterol or sodium, it also has about 350% of your recommended Vitamin C intake per serving.

The organic Superfoods found in all Sambazon products, come from Mother Nature. While some of these ingredients might look intimidating to pronounce, they deliver a powerful and epic release of nutrition and purity to the body.

The Major Players:

  • Açaí Berry
    • The increasing popular açaí berry is a small purplish-black berry that is visually reminiscent of a blueberry. It comes from a palm tree located in South America. Its name means, “[fruit that] cries or expels water.” The inch-long berry is low in sugar and contains high levels of iron, calcium and fiber. It’s one of the healthiest berries in the known world.
  • Yerba Mate
    • Also originating in South America, Yerba Mate is crafted from the leaves of a shrub in the rainforest holly tree family and produces natural caffeine. On its own, it’s bitter, but when infused with other flavors it takes nutrition to another level.
  • Green Tea
    • Mainly produced in China and Japan, Green Tea is arguably one of the healthiest drinks you can ingest. Popularly used to aid as a natural metabolism boost, the tea has a light flavor and is made from unfermented leaves.
  •  Acerola Cherry
    • Native to South America, southern Mexico and Central America, the acerola cherry is a fruit that’s rich in vitamins. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this tiny fruit packs more Vitamin C than virtually any other food source.
  • Guaraná
    • Guaraná is a natural stimulant found within the seeds of a Brazilian shrub and is commonly used to reduce fatigue.

The boost comes naturally and doesn’t have the dreaded collapsing effect a couple of hours post-consumption. Unlike some energy drinks that are so riddled with sugar that is causes the drinker to feel as though he or she is being awoken from a smooth plane ride to the overwhelming sensation of worrisome turbulence, Sambazon instead takes the consumer on a gradual, steady lift. As the effect wears off, there is no crashing and burning. Rather, Sambazon’s organic ingredients gently bring the drinker back down to normal.

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Where might one be able to find it? Excellent question. Sambazon is based out of San Clemente, CA, but sells its products all over the country from Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY, Seattle, WA to Miami, FL. The Sambazon website can give further detail of exact locations based on your area. Samazon also features its products online through, fittingly,

Sambazon offeres a variety of other wonderful products that are worth delving into. Power to the Purple.

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