Feast Portland – Oregon on a Plate

On September 14th through 17th the streets of Portland’s downtown filled to the brim with pop-up eateries, wine-pouring gurus, and gourmet aficionados coming together to celebrate the joy of food while helping a truly worthy cause. As Bon Appétite Magazine brings together seasoned culinary veterans and bright young stars to showcase the bounty of Oregon, it’s their relationship with Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon (PHFO) that sets this event apart and elevates the Feast.

Laura of Hazelfern Cellars

“Feast Portland is an amazing celebration of the bounty of food and culture we have in Oregon! I’ve traveled all over the world, and know that we are so fortunate here in Portland to have such an amazing food culture. I view food culture as an entire ecosystem – sustainable and quality farming, an amazing talent pool of chefs and cooks, high attention to service, the wine, beer, and cocktail scene, and consumers who appreciate culinary excellence. Portland has it all!”    Bryan Laing, Winemaker Hazelfern Cellars

Bryan and his wife Laura were two of the stars of the Grand Tasting presented by New Seasons on Friday and Saturday. Their wines exemplified the richly nuanced flavors of Dundee, Eola-Amity Hills, Yamhill-Carlton, and the WillametteValley.

This eclectic convergence of movers and shakers from the culinary world calls to locals and visitors alike. Beckoning bloggers, influencers, chefs, and beverage savants from all over the country, Feast Portland offers each attendee the opportunity to experience the great Pacific Northwest on a plate, glass, or in the community-inspired events. The warm hospitality coupled with the never-ending offerings of palette-indulgent events brought together a kaleidoscope of style and people.

One of the first-time attendees was Tara Redfield, the Food Pervert from Los Angeles. Her culinary resume if filled with cooking shows, award-winning Cocoa Tangerine Pancakes, and travels to food-focused destinations for her blog.

“Something I found unique about this event was the overall joy and relaxed vibe of the vendors, chefs and attendees. Everyone was there to have fun and truly enjoy everything being offered. There was no attitude. I also really appreciated the sense of community that was present. You enter the daily or nightly events and immediately feel like you’re at your family’s house.” ~ Tara Redfield, TheFoodPervert.com

Photo by Aubrie LeGault

The community vibe that resonates throughout the daily lives of many of the participating vendors trickles into the tight-knit network that is on display at Feast.

“Portland has definitely cultivated a strong culinary identity over the last few years. The amount of talent that exists in Portland is astounding — which is why I was so excited to attend Feast this year! In comparison to other big food cities like New York, LA, Seattle, San Francisco and New Orleans it can definitely hold it’s own. I attend several big food festivals each year — most in Los Angeles, so this being my first time at Feast, I can say it actually surpassed some of the other events in terms of the addition of hands-on classes and the overall organization. There was a lot of variety at Feast, not just “attend this event and eat at a bunch of different booths” which is how most food festivals operate.” ~ Tara Redfield, TheFoodPervert.com

Photo by Alan Weiner

Feast Portland is a celebration of everything that has helped put Oregon on the menu at so many sought-after restaurants, wine bars, and innovative cocktail lists. But in every way, it’s so much more. Bolstering funds and programs to help fight hunger and bringing a collection of forward-thinking, food-loving passionates, Feast Portland is Oregon on a plate.

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