Drinks for Memorial Day


As the weather starts to find that perfect golden hue, and our BBQ’s spark with the stunning aromas of summer, let’s take a minute to raise a drink to those who have paid to give us these gifts. This Memorial Day, take a lesson from our friends at Cocktails and Shots and grab you shaker, shot glasses, and a tumbler to raise one to our heroes. While the American Dream might mean something different to everyone, a small part of our dream is always having our next drink planned, so here are two American-themed drinks for you to enjoy.


American Apple Pie Ingredients

American Apple Pie Description

Shake the Cinnamon Schnapps and the apple juice with ice. Strain your American Apple Pie into a shot glass. Your American Apple Pie is ready


Americano Cocktail Ingredients

  • Just a touch of Soda

Americano Cocktail Description

Pour the Campari and the sweet Vermouth into an old-fashioned glass with ice. Stir and add some soda. Decorate your Americano cocktail drink with the orange slice. Your Americano cocktail is ready.



Happy Hour with the Barrel Hitch Sidecar

Cherry Bark Gin & Tonic from Coquine

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