Daiquiri Day With Cruzan Rum

Following the growing trend of “National Fill-In-The-Blank Day” we’re jumping on this bandwagon because it’s serving ice-cold daiquiris! From Cruzan comes a refreshing tropical-themed cocktail that truly puts the lime in the coconut. Break out your shaker, toss on some island music, and transport yourself to the sun-soaked beaches of the Carribean with a well-deserved drink.


The Cruzan® Coconut Daiquiri


1 part Cruzan® Coconut Rum
1 splash Lime Juice
1/2 tsp Sugar


Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass and skate well with ice.
Serve in a snifter, or strain to a cocktail glass.
Let Cruzan provide the ideal rum that mixes perfectly with fresh ingredients to showcase the style and vibrant culture of island life.
Sit back, sip, and treat yourself to a classic Daiquiri no matter what day they say it is.

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