Cult Cigars Brings the Fuerte

Cigars smokers are constantly on the lookout for the next hidden gem that packs a punch while leaving a minimal dent in the wallet. Cult Cigars burst on the cigar scene headed by Carlos and his son Chris Sanchez, bringing a unique style and determination. The recently launched Fuerte Series combines the subtle flavors Cult has become known for, with the strength and bold style smokers have been craving.

Crafted in Esteli, Nicaragua with its home base at the Reel Smokers Cigar Shop in Deerfield Beach, FL, Cult Cigars was born to create the “uncommon and unique cigar”.

What’s Inside:

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
  • Filler: Jalapa, Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Ometepe, Nicaraguan


“Searching for a stronger, more full-bodied cigar that will satisfy your taste buds? Cult Fuerte manufactured by Tacasa S.A. in Esteli will give you that sensory experience with its bold, well balanced assertive flavor profile. Cult Fuerte delivers the strength some Cult cigar fans were asking for, while still leaving that subtle lingering craving to experience it again.” ~ Cult Cigars 

The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper allows the Jalapa and Nicaraguan fillers to truly shine while providing a great vehicle for the Ometepe Nicaraguan binders. While it did need a few corrections throughout the smoke, overall the construction showcased the expert hand roll.


Starting off with a little bit of hesitation in every draw, the Cult Fuerte opens up to a medium draw about halfway into the first third of the smoke. As soon as the air was allowed to flow freely, the flavor profile burst to life.


While there were a few peaks and valleys throughout the smoke, the consistent white ash made for a cool burn all the way down. The master rollers in Esteli, Nicaragua instill a delicate elegance to the Fuerte while allowing the burn to hold up all the way down. With a little help here and there, the Fuerte delivers a relaxing and indulgent smoke that mingles perfectly with a tall pour of your favorite libation.


Prelit :

  • Leather
  • Earth
  • Mocha


  • Milk Chocolate
  • Fresh Coffee
  • Brittle


“To consistently make quality cigars that taste good and can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.”

This motto has been the driving force behind the construction and development of the Cult brand. The Fuerte series is just the first pinnacle of their creative process. Answering the public’s cry for rich and robust flavors, Cult keeps their signature subtle nuances while letting the bold tobacco speak volumes. The thick smoke brings layers of almond brittle and coffee with a touch of milk while having soft hints of a sort of black tea backing. This is a great smoke that bridges the gap between delicate preferences and brash attitude.



There is nothing like grabbing a stick that exceeds expectations on several different levels. The Fuerte offers an hour-plus smoke with wonderful flavors for around $7.50 a cigar. The long, lean Grande Toro delivers an everyday smoke that is also a cause for celebration. This father and son team has hit on a great blend that showcases both the bold and the subtle in one stick.

Grab you 5-Pack of Cult Fuerte for $37.00


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