A Cigar-Lover’s Dream: The Big Babe

Not often do I find myself at a loss for words. There is always some sort of snarky comment, complaint, or an element I won’t hesitate let loose an opinion on what needs to be changed. When it comes to cigars, there can be issues with the draw, the wrapper, the balance of flavors, or any number of construction aspects, and I always have plenty of whispered asides. But all of that changed when I had a date with the Big Babe.

When I cut, lit up, and took the first few puffs of Big Babe Cigar’s Big Babe, words escaped me. The burn was consistent, the ash crisp white, and the draw perfectly medium. Balance was the name of the game, and the flavors of rich coffee, wet leather, and dark chocolate ran through the entirety of the smoke. There was never a blast of black pepper, and never a hint of a fall-off in substance, just a perfectly woven flavor profile.


“Our full-bodied smoke, deep and complex. Made with an aged filler from the Esteli’ and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua, a Nicaraguan Habano Binder, and the finest Maduro Wrapper I could find; a silky smooth Mata Fina from Brazil.  All Cuban seed, long leaf, with triple cap construction, hand rolled using the traditional Cuban style.” 


I can only compare it to that moment you’re at the restaurant and the chef sends you something that makes your palate jump to life and kicks the doors open to a new room of flavors. You want to hug that chef, take them out for a beer, and hear about the sorcery they used to bring that culinary creation to life.

We have written about Big Babe before, and the story of Gary Schmidt, his son Chuck, and their inspiration, Gary’s father, the “Big Babe”. It’s  a wonderful, heart-warming story, showcasing their commitment to family and high-quality products that is putting them into the cigar scene spotlight. But with this simply exquisite smoking experience deserved another post. When you see Tony Soprano light up a stogie on TV, or pictures of Churchill enjoying a stick, the flavor profile of the Big Babe is what I imagine those classic cigars to taste like.

Do yourself and your cigar-loving palate a favor and pick up a 5-pack, a box, or a pallet depending on how much your humidor can hold.







Big Flavor with Big Babe Cigars

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