Bringing Up Buckman

As I pass the sights and sounds of happy dogs playing in the park, and the aromas of the fresh farm-to-table foods from the nearby outdoor patrons, the brand new Buckman Public House welcomes us in with delicious cocktails and a style that is uniquely Portland. From the dark green mermaid-style tiles that line the back of the expansive spirits selection, to the elegant “J” shaped brass bar, the Buckman is as much of a neighborhood gathering spot as it is a gourmet destination for the senses.

Pete Maben’s Drink with a Flare Photo By Paolo Ferraris
Photo By Paolo Ferraris

The delicious bites that came out of Executive Chef Jeff Emerson’s kitchen were paired perfectly with the innovative and engaging cocktails delivered by Beau Raymond. Armed with drinks like the hibiscus-infused vodka libation, Islands In The Stream, and the light and refreshing Watermelon Fields Forever, he quickly made friends with everyone in his half-buttoned Hawaiian shirt.

Open and spacious, the Buckman offers thirsty patrons the chance to dive head-first into an ever-expanding and inviting bar program. If you’re rum fan, you’re speaking Beau’s language. Ask nicely, and Beau may open up the “cage” and break out some of the truly unique and out-of-the-box spirits before he sends a decadent dessert to your table.


The Decadent Tullamore Dew Ice Cream Float Photo By Paolo Ferraris
Beau Raymond Making Signature Drinks Photo By Paolo Ferraris

Now usually, I’m not much one for sweets, mostly because I’ve let my “dinner compartment” spill over into whatever room I was supposed to save for dessert, but in this case, I had to make an exception. Do yourself a favor and prepare yourself for a grown-up take on a nostalgic classic. Pete takes Pelican Root Beer and a house-made Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey-infused vanilla ice cream and brings to life both memories and something that is the definition of delicious.

(As a side note this dessert actually made me get up and hug him. I try my best to avoid hugging strangers, but desserts like this bridge all gaps and tear down every wall.)

Whether you’re looking for an ice-cold micro brew after work, a quick bite before heading out for the night, or you’re planning a night out for a special occasion, the Buckman Public House is a destination spot for foodies, gourmet spirit-seekers, and anyone looking to surround themselves with a unique aspect of the Portland food and bar scene.


Welcome the Buckman Public House


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