The Bold Camacho Corojo Maduro

Bold As Hell. That is the Camacho way and that is how my night started with this stunning Corojo Maduro Churchill. The Camacho brand is a direct reflection of their cigars: Flashy, Spicy and Full Bodied. As legend has it, one of the forefathers of the Nicaraguan cigar boom, Daniel Rodriguez, liberated the highly coveted Corojo seeds from Cuba as the revolution turned the cigar world upside down. These ancient Cuban Corojo seeds set the standard and paved the way for the Camacho family and the signature fierce flavor they have prized themselves on for generations.




What’s Inside:

  • Wrapper: Corojo
  • Binder: Corojo
  • Filler: Honduran
Camacho Corojo Maduro Churchill Review


One of the greatest things about the Camacho brand is the history and passion behind every cigar and no other place is it better shown than in the painstaking construction of this cigar. The Corojo seeds that were rescued from the clutches of the embargo form both the wrapper and binder for this long-smoke Churchill. The spicy Honduran filler compliments the smooth Corojo components creating a complex and devilishly deceiving potent smoke.



Surprisingly cool, the robust spice does not translate into a hot smoke. As the cigar progressed, the draw became more breathy and fluid, breathing flavor into every draw. The easy draw set a foundation for the experience that allowed the flavors to mingle and not get overshadowed by having to work for every puff. The amount of air that was allowed to flow through the cigar, brought out flavors that might have been hidden by a strained smoke.


The skill that the Camacho line commands shows in the burn. Take away the flavor and complexity of the smoke, and you are left with just what can be seen. The even burn of the Churchill needed no help staying predictably consistent through the nearly hour-long smoke.



  • Leather
  • Dry Earth
  • Soft Cocoa


  • Nutty
  • Woodsy
  • Dark Chocolate


Like everything else about the Camacho experience, it is unmistakable, unapologetic, bold as hell. But what they left out is balanced.  You can have an in-your-face cigar with spice that turns things up to 11, but if you don’t have a balance between the boldness and subtleties, then there is no foundation to hold the house. The Corojo wrapper and binder have the soft nuances that work together with the poignant spice of the Honduran filler to bring to highlight a rich nutty flavor with a wonderful peppery spice.


Camacho has created a Corojo Maduro Churchill that has layered elements all working in a sort of defiant harmony. By keeping the price below the $8.00 mark, Camacho reaches a wide audience from daily imbibers looking for a great everyday smoke to someone simply looking for a good stogie to welcome in the weekend.

IMG_4895The true value of this cigar is not measured by the taste, the price or the burn; it is the endless array of elements that over time went into creating this, and every other offering they produce. Camacho’s history is richer than most, having seen the very bottom and risen to the top. Their gift to the cigar world was hidden in exile as their home was torn apart. Through one family’s daring risk to save the Corojo seed, a piece of the fabric of their culture, and plant the family roots in a new land, we reap the benefits from their inexhaustible passion, back-breaking work and willingness to both keep the tradition alive and fly in the face of the accepted rules.

Grab a stick and enjoy a modern piece of history.

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