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There is something communal about fire that speaks to all cultures, creeds, and sexes. But there is a sort of “X” factor when the fire involves a cigar and those surrounding you are friends and family. When Gary and his son Chuck Schmidt decided to launch a cigar brand, they drew their inspiration from the man they knew as Big Babe.

“Big Babe was my dad, a World War II war hero, a straight shooter, a man of action that delivered on his promises. Dad lived what he said and out of admiration, we have named our cigar company in his honor.”

Gary’s father and Chuck’s grandfather seem to embody the exact profile of Big Babe Cigars. The enticing and bold flavors of the Nicaraguan tobaccos are unapologetic, yet has a round elegance to the smoke. The even burn keeps the taste consistent, while each puff brings out a new tone or a hidden nuance. The Big Babe line-up is a testament to hard work, dedication, and loyalty, and nowhere better can this been seen, than the family tie that binds this company together.

Gary and Chuck wield both a love of adventure and a passion for quality. Their wild and often inspirational journeys have fueled the Big Babe Cigar Company and only added to the legacy the WWII patriarch began. Having the privilege to smoke these cigars with my own father, it’s hard not to draw parallels to cigars and their creators, while dissecting the subtleties of the craft. The theme that runs through every blend and style is a straightforward, bold flavor, that is balanced by a smooth wrapper. The primarily Nicaraguan tobacco has some spice and exotic flavors that mimic the family’s love of travel and adventure, while the smooth finish pairs perfectly with that relaxing exhale after a long day.

Big Babe Big Breakdown



  • Toasted almonds
  • Smooth draw
  • Cool finish
  • Leather
  • Starts with a punch then mellows out
  • Nice oily wrapper
  • Well constructed/perfect Ash


Ugly Babies

  • White pepper
  • Toffee
  • Coffee


The Pastor’s

  • Coffee
  • Bitter cocoa
  • Black pepper


The Politician

  • Dark chocolate
  • Mocha
  • White peppery
  • Well balanced
  • Even burn


Cafe Racer XXX

  • Smooth
  • Even
  • Easy draw
  • Toasted cashews
  • Milk chocolate




There are countless cigar brands bringing to the market a high-quality attention to the craft and offer a top-tier smoking experience. Maybe it’s me, and maybe it’s something that can’t be measured by flavor profiles and names of world-renown growers, but when a family comes together to realize a dream, and in doing so creates a cigar that showcases the very best of every smoking element, I find myself rooting for them to succeed. Staying true to their roots and supporting causes like the Veterans Support Foundation with a $1 of every Politician sold, they are paying it forward while paving their way. You can taste the beginnings of a truly unique and talented cigar company, that at its core is driven by the love of family and an unwavering attention to quality.

“Big Babe Cigars was formed out of respect for the greatest man I’ve ever known. He was larger than life, my wisest counselor, incredibly street smart and hard hitting, yet a total softy. Here’s to you Big Babe.”

~ Gary Schmidt


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